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What Do You Have In Your Hand?
The book "What Do You Have In Your Hand?" has been created in order to help you to become an entrepreneur.

If you are planning to start your own company, if you have just started your own company, or if you are thinking about the possibility of self-employment as an entrepreneur, this book is for you! Even if you are just interested in the topic but dont't yet have any plans to start a business, you can learn a lot by reading this book and will be better informed for future decisions.

The book is part of the online business training offered at NEBA, the North European Business Academy.

Author: Jouni Suonpää Mr. Jouni Suonpää is the CEO and President of NEBA (North European Business Academy).
Publisher: NEBA (North European Business Academy) NEBA (North European Business Academy) is a web-based business academy.

At NEBA we seek to help and train people to start a new business and to learn the skills they need to start and run a business. Our training is practical and effective, and it is based on a long experience of dealing with micro, small and medium-sized companies.

NEBA was created to help people evaluate and recognise their strengths so that they will see the potential they might have as entrepreneurs. We want to encourage everyone to step into the business development process!

We have 25 years of experience of helping more than 3 000 new businesses and 10 000 online students.

Pages: 66
Year: 2019
* EOS R System – Expert Guide – Consumer DUMMY
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Author: David Newton David Newton is a versatile professional photographer and filmmaker with a love for the outdoors, travel and natural world. He also works as a brand ambassador for companies like Canon, SanDisk, Manfrotto and Lastolite.
Author: Jukka Kolari Jukka Kolari is a seasoned journalist and author of tens of books covering a vast variety of subjects ranging from photography and IT to fishing. He currently works as a creative director in a communications agency (Coriosi Inc, the publisher of this book).
Publisher: ETYPE Books
ETYPE Books is a publishing house specialized in digital books. Our publications can either be standard flipbooks or enriched books, which can contain images, photos, videos, sounds, interactivity and other enrichment elements.

Pages: 11
Year: 2020
ISBN: 88888-1111-3333